Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thing #8: RSS Feeds and Readers

I obtained a Google Reader account and am very impressed at how easy it is to use. I added the URLs of the blogs that I want to follow along with super quick and am able to see all of my blogs listed in the side pane. I like that you are able to see the latest posts on several different blogs in ONE place. You don't have to remember the sights, or even worrying about bookmarking them because they are saved! I know that I will use this even more in the future. I bookmarked several sites that are related to the "library world" along with sites related to Kindergarten (the grade I currently teach). Staying up to date with my professional world is important to me, along with finding out new ideas and about new books. Other educators could also advantage of this tool by finding blogs pertaining to their field or even local news and professional associations. What a great find!

***Oh yeah, I even was amazed with Google's Blog Search! I had no clue that existed!

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