Monday, August 15, 2011

It's That TIme Again

Hard to believe that it is time for another school year to begin! It seems like school was just out for the summer! As everyone gets prepared for another school year to begin by working in their classrooms, I am awaiting the arrival of my baby girls! My husband and I are expecting identical twin girls, Charlotte and Aubrey, to be born late August. Our little girls are not due until October, but due to the type of identical twins they are, they will be born early.
I will not be there the first day of school to meet my newest Brilliant Butterflies, but I have an excellent replacement until I come back in November. Mrs. Hay comes highly recommended and is excited to begin the year with a new group of kindergarteners. I look forward to getting to know my students when I return to work.
Here's to a great school year!