Monday, November 30, 2009

November....It has flown by!

I am sad to say that I have let the month of November go by without posting.....I HAVE got to get better about it! :)

The month started off with our celebration of the 50th day of school with a 50's day celebration. We had a lot of fun during the day doing including different activities, learning more about the time period through a short video and PowerPoint, and a 50's sock hop in the hallway! The children absolutely loved it! They were able to dress the part by rolling up their jeans and shirts, poodle skirts and pearls, and scarves around their necks....of course it had to remain in dress code. :)

We also learned about the usual pilgrims and Native Americans and the story of Thanksgiving during the month of November. We did an in-depth study using online resources, videos from Discovery Education, and different types of literature, fiction and non-fiction.

During this time, we did an investigative unit about corn. We manipulated different types of corn including Indian corn, yellow corn, popcorn, candy corn, kernels, etc. The students worked hard to identify different properties of corn through investigations such as sink or float and comparing the different types using hand lenses and their five senses. We recorded our information on a large corn stalk with the properties listed on corn cobs.