Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thing #10 Online Image Generator

Playing with the different image generators I found was LOADS of fun. I can see myself getting addicted and playing for way too long.......
The ones that I enjoyed the most were Wordle, Big Huge Labs,

At Wordle, one can input words in and it generates a word cloud. I added words that pertain to libraries and information access and produced a word cloud! WAY COOL! You can even change fonts, colors, and the shapes.
At Big Huge Labs, I made an ID Badge. It was very easy to make and customize. I also added captions to a photo of mine
Image generators are excellent tools to use in the classroom and library. Designing posters of celebrities and famous Americans with different captions would be a way to use this tool. One could also use photographs to a puzzle, an ID badge as a biography, or even design a comic strip as part of a writing project. The options are limitless!

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