Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Singing As Usual

My lovelies singing one of their favorite songs to review the days of the week...Today is Sunday by Dr. Jean. They love to do the movements (especially the chicken!) and it is a great way to practice reverse order. The cards can be printed from Dr. Jean's website http://www.drjean.org/.

Valentine's Day

LOVE was in the air for sure on Feb. 12th at Silverlake Elementary. We started off the day with a love potion....the children loved this! Another teacher, Mrs. Jordon, and her class joined us. We added hugs, kisses, and love! Our love was Sprite and we used Hawaiian Punch as our "hugs". We added frozen mixed fruit to our mixture as our "kisses". This was a big production for the students. Before we allowed the students to drink the potion, they worte their predictions of what would occur after they drank our Love Potion. They were mesmerized by the experiment.....I wish they were that enthralled by everything we do! :)

We also celebrated the day with a Valentine's Day Party! Our parents did a great job of providing super cute decorations and ice cream sundaes with all sorts of toppings! We had a SWEET day!

Monday, February 8, 2010

100 Day

February 4th was the 100th day of school! The students loved celebrating being "1oo days smarter"! We rotated through 100 day stations, made 100 day hats and glasses. We even made a 100 day snack including 10 of 10 different sets of goodies. We learned 100 day songs an enjoyed singing them all day long! The students even wore their own shirts with 100 things on them! Crazy day in Kindergarten!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Last week was our big hibernation week in Kindergarten. The students brought their teddy bears from home to enjoy in our classroom all week long. We had our own bear cave in our classroom along with a cave in our hallway. Our bears hibernated in the classroom with the exception of different activities. We measured our bears height, the circumference of the bears' heads and tummies using non-standardized units. On Friday, we hibernated in our classroom using our teddy bears and favorite books and also got to go hibernate in our bear cave in the hall. We also had a teddy bear picnic complete with teddy grahams and our big picnic basket. Due to the yucky weather, we moved our picnic inside. The students learned many interesting facts about bears and animals that hibernate. We incorporated math activities into our week, not only with our teddy bears, but also with bear manipulatives in our classroom.