Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thing #11 LibraryThing

Library Thing is too cool! I was able to add titles that I keep in my home to keep up with the collection of books I have. It was very simple. I searched by ISBN to add titles, but one can search by title, author, LCCN, etc. also. Once your titles are added, you can access reviews, see other members that include it in their library, and the tags included for each. This is an excellent resource for teachers to use in their classroom, on a personal basis for your home library, or even for a leveled reader library that is housed separate from a school library catalog.

1 comment:

  1. I also enjoyed LibraryThing. The feature I liked the best was the recommendations based on the books that you have read. Everytime I finish a book I want to start reading another one similar to it, but don't know which one. This feature helps.

    Your suggestion about using it in the classroom is a good idea. I have so manny books in my classroom that I don't remember what all I have. When I buy books for my class, i sometimes buy books that I already have because I can't keep track of them. Thanks for that suggestion, I will definitely be implementing it.