Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thing #7 Cool Google Tools

Google has SO many tools to offer..... It is unbelievable!
One tool that I explored was iGoogle. It is a tool that allows you to personalize your homepage to fit your personality. I was able to add different gadgets to my homepage. There were so many to choose from that I finally stopped adding gadgets after page 4 because there were too many on my page. Some gadgets I included are a birthday reminder, to-do list, easy recipes, local weather, and even my e-mail is included.
Another Google tool I explored was Google Docs. This allows users to access documents and presentations online. I was able to upload a PowerPoint presentation and make it accessible online. Users can also produce documents and presentations using Google Docs. Different people can edit and save the documents too. Once it is completed, you can save it as a PDF file or publish as a link to be accessed by anyone.

Published Presentation:

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