Monday, November 1, 2010


October has been an extremely BUSY month! A lot has been going on in Kindergarten! We have been watching the many changes that are occurring around us! The weather has been nice and cool for the most part, the leaves are changing colors and falling, and the days are getting shorter!
We had Red Ribbon Week at Silverlake Elementary October 25-29th! What fun that was!

We also enjoyed exploring and learning more about pumpkins and the pumpkin life cycle! The students brought in different types of gourdes and we even made a pumpkin/gourde patch in our classroom. We did many different things with one of our large pumpkins. We measured the circumference, weighted it, estimated and checked the number of ribs it had, and estimated and checked the number of seeds in it. The last part was a little gooey! :)

Counting out the seeds by fives Our end result

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