Thursday, September 16, 2010

We can taste!

We have been exploring the five senses in Kindergarten this week. Today we learned about our taste buds! We had a taste test with many different things and determined where we taste them on our tongues.

Enjoying the yummy food!

We drew pictures of the items we tasted on our tongues. This helps us to remember which taste buds help us taste different things.

We also have been learning about sorting in our classroom! We sorted yummy M&Ms by color, Chex mix by shape, and we will be sorting construction paper by size and color!

Recording our work!

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  1. Max LOVED this activity....and the best part - he came home telling Carlee ALL about it!! Her response, "Hey, I didn't know you get to do Science experiments in Kindergarten!" Fun!!! They are little sponges just soaking it all up!!