Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dental Health

February is Dental Health month.....although, I know that it is March! I am a little behind-
In the last week of February, we discussed the importance of taking care of our teeth. We read many different pieces of literature, fiction and non-fiction, looked at different Internet resources, and even had a visit from a dental hygienist. We also did a science experiment to see the effect that sodas have on the enamel of our teeth. We placed a boiled egg in Coca-cola overnight. We used our process skills and the Scientific method to help facilitate our experiment. We made observations, formulated a question and hypothesis, we conducted our experiment, gathered our results and came up with our conclusion. It is amazing how much these little 5 and 6 year olds understand!
We found that the Coca-cola stained the shell of the egg just as it can stain teeth enamel. We used tooth paste and a toothbrush to "brush" the soda stain from the egg shell!
The students really enjoyed it!

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