Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentine's Day

LOVE was in the air for sure on Feb. 12th at Silverlake Elementary. We started off the day with a love potion....the children loved this! Another teacher, Mrs. Jordon, and her class joined us. We added hugs, kisses, and love! Our love was Sprite and we used Hawaiian Punch as our "hugs". We added frozen mixed fruit to our mixture as our "kisses". This was a big production for the students. Before we allowed the students to drink the potion, they worte their predictions of what would occur after they drank our Love Potion. They were mesmerized by the experiment.....I wish they were that enthralled by everything we do! :)

We also celebrated the day with a Valentine's Day Party! Our parents did a great job of providing super cute decorations and ice cream sundaes with all sorts of toppings! We had a SWEET day!

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