Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back into the swing of things.....

So, we are finally back into the swing of things! Each morning we have a routine as we go through our calendar time, movement songs, morning message, and many other fun things. I use music as much as possible in our classroom to help students learn new concepts and reinforce others. I tend to make up songs quite a bit, but I also am constantly searching for new songs and CDs to purchase. One company that I came across when at the KTOT conference back in October 2007 has really helped my teach my students sight words. HeidiSongs offers songs for many different words that helps students to learn how to spell them. HeidiSongs also offers many different products. Another CD I have is for math skills, Musical Math. There is also hand motions for the songs that can be taught to the students. I usually just make up my own though! :)

Check It Out @

Students singing our was song- We have a contest each week to see who knows it the best!

Students counting to 100 by ones.....we do this everyday! We change up the movements every couple of months though!


  1. Hey, this is the Heidi from HeidiSongs! I LOVE to see your kids enjoying this! How wonderful! It's amazing to me to find that children all over the country are enjoying these silly little songs I made up. It's delightful!
    Tell your kids Heidi says hello, and that I loved watching them sing and dance.
    By the way, I am running a classroom video contest. You might want to submit a video of your class to me. You could win a set of HeidiSongs products! Check it out on my blog. There's a link to it on my site,