Tuesday, August 4, 2009

23 Things: Sum It All Up!

There were so many favorites that I found along this journey! Some of those include Rollyo, Delicious, Image Generators, and Library Thing. All of these tools are things that I can use personally and professionally. Right now I am still in the classroom and feel that I can utilize these resources now and in the future in the library.
Library2Play has not only assisted in my lifelong learning goals, but also motivated me to explore more things on my own. It has introduced me to new tools and also helped me to become better equipped to work with tools I have worked with before.
I knew going into this program that I would learn a lot and take away with me some great resources to use. I was surprised how easy a lot of the tools were that I worked with. A lot of the things seemed difficult when starting, but once I worked with them, it deemed to be easier than thought.
I was impressed with many of the tools and the set-up of this program. There is not much I would change except for possibly Thing 12: Creating Community Through Commenting. This could actually be part of another thing to make this spot an opportunity to explore other tools, rather than other blogs. This should be taking place anyway.
If there were other programs offered that allowed users to discover new tools, I would definitely participate. My participation in this program was to receive credit for a college course, but it is certainly something that I would take part in!
This discover program has allowed me to become familiar with Web 2.0 Tools in ways that would not have been done in a normal staff development.

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